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March 29 2016

How To Crack The Code Of Influencer Marketing


YouTube creators are attractive partners for brands. Though if you want a spokesperson to smile and endorse a product or service, these creators are usually not the way to go.


When creators share the spotlight with brands, this content needs to feel authentic on their own channels and resonate making use of their unique audiences whilst integrating a brand (or product) story. Success takes a shared purpose, creative thinking, and a good amount of finesse. Brands that may crack the code will get closer to their customers, gaining viewers and brand advocates in the process.


What does it genuinely mean? And look like? For YouTube collaborations, we agreed that authenticity is achieved when you're true to the brand through partnering with a creator who shares your brand's passions and purpose.
influencer network


YouTube gives people literally an incredible number of videos to choose to view. But with more options comes the necessity for more filters. People aren�t planning to engage with content they merely kind of like or kind of relate to.

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